The Hair Ball

December 02, 2014


Hauspanther Gear Guide

Hauspanther Gear Guide!

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November 26, 2014


Holiday Savings 2014

Mittens announces holiday discounts!

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November 21, 2014


More New Cat Canoes!

We are so excited to get some more new Cat Canoe designs in! Sorry these photos don't have cats inside - my models are hiding somewhere right now.

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Heads and Tails

Twix looks perplexed among a sea of jumbo size Cat Balls. What is happening? Should we be concerned about this, or does Twix always look confused?

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October 30, 2014


New Canoes Have Floated In!

Well, they didn't really float in, a truck drove up and then we had to move a bunch of boxes around, but isn't it more exciting to imagine rivers full of Cat Canoes floating by?

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Summer to Fall 2014 Selection of Cat Ball Colors and Fabrics

Summer 2014 brought us a diverse, high quality selection of fabrics, as shown here:


Bali Garden

The Bali Garden fabrics are available in a blue color way and a black/brown color way. We are so impressed with the detail and quality of these fabrics!

Dramatic Bold Colors

The Cat Ball made in black, red and white is a stunning way to show off a tuxedo or black fur kitty!



A Delicate Vintage Look

This Cat Ball design is in a fabric with a delicate, Victorian look. The collage of ephemera feels nostalgic, and the design details are framed with traces of metallic silver ink. It's a gorgeous fabric.


The Cat Canoe

We now have Cat Canoes in stock! Here are our two new fabrics:



In Fall 2014 our new fabrics are:


There are probably a few colors or fabrics that aren't pictured here.

October 19, 2014


Feline Voting Booth Contraption

Whether your campaign agenda is abolishing goggies or hacking up hairballs, we can all agree that cats will love this specialty Cat Ball Design- the Feline Voting Booth Contraption!

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