The Hair Ball

October 07, 2015


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Listen to the Cat Experts

Ginger tabby named Twix and a CAT BALL cat bedCats have a really different experience of the world than humans do, yet humans often seem to make the mistake of assuming that they see (smell and hear) just like we do. This is my layperson's review of the situation with cat senses, and how their senses affect their behavior.

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Happy Cat Ball Customers - Frosty

Frosty the cat lives in AnchorageFrosty lives in Anchorage, where he gets to go outside and do whatever it is that cats do. 

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The Jumbo Cat Canoe

Do you have a tall cat? How about a long cat? Maybe your cat is kind of fat. Maybe, just maybe, your cat is all of the above. Well, the jumbo Cat Canoe® might just be right for you!

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Cat Ball and Cat Canoe Coordinating Sets

CAT BALL and CAT CANOE coordinating fabricsThis post shows some photos of fabrics that are intended to coordinate, or simply look pretty good together. We hope that these photos can help you to visualize the potential fabric combinations, and shows some combinations that customers have previously selected.

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The Cat Ball in the 8 Days a Week Fabric Collection

The CAT BALL cat bed in a coral and black polka dot

The 8 Days a Week fabric collection is made with Windham fabrics and uses bold, contrasting colors with stripes and polka dots. 


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How To Photograph Cats #2

This post offers some suggestions about how to photograph cats, but mostly cautions against even engaging in such an exasperating activity.

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August 30, 2015


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Coordinating Sets - Clothworks Here Kitty Kitty Fabric Line

The CAT BALL cat bedWe have CAT BALL cat beds made in coordinating organic cotton fabrics so you can create a set that looks wonderful in your home.

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