Tesla the Bengal Cat

Tesla is a gorgeous Bengal, and he lives with a few other kitties. His humans wanted everyone to be happy, so they got two Cat Balls and a Cat Canoe. Enjoy the photos!

Kitteh Needz Moar Kanoo!

Yes, there are kitties out there that are yelling, "we needz moar kanoo!"

We agree with those kittehs: We need more Cat Canoes!

Don't be worried, sweet Kittehs of the world- we are working hard on more Cat Canoes for you!


Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions:

Info at theCatBall dot com

The Jumbo Cat Canoe

Do you have a tall cat? How about a long cat? Maybe your cat is kind of fat. Maybe, just maybe, your cat is all of the above. Well, the jumbo Cat Canoe might just be right for you!

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Wonderful Customer Photos

Our wonderful customers frequently send us notes and sometimes they send beautiful photos of their cats. Here are some of our favorite customer photos!

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How to Photograph Cats #1

So, how do you photograph cats? It's really easy to do, right? I mean, they're only cats!

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May 19, 2014

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Spring 2014 Cat Ball Colors

Here are five new colors from the Cat Ball! These fabrics were released May 2014.

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Retro, the Crosseyed Lynx Point Siamese

Hello, this is Retro. He's the result of a cat breeder's accident, and is half Angora and half Siamese.

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