Cat Ball in the Community - Ghostbuster Fosters Birthday

The cat community in the Seattle area is strong, very strong. If I wrote a blog post about all of the cat rescue, cat adoption and cat neuter/spay groups in this area, I would be writing a big blog post. 

Here is the scoop: Once upon a time, the Purrfect Pals cat shelter took in a stray pregnant queen. In a rapid series of events, this poor dear was somehow pregnant and homeless, was captured, gave birth, and ended up in foster care at Foster Dad John's Critter Room. That last week was probably stressful for her, but it sure was the start of a good life. At The Critter Room, the world was able to enjoy a live stream of the two surviving kittens (the third kitten died at the age of 4 days) and mom cat. 

When the time was right, this cat family was adopted and now Janine (the mom cat), Ray, and Egon are known on Facebook as The Ghostbuster Fosters

To celebrate their birth and to give thanks to the shelter who saved them, the Ghostbuster Fosters now hold an annual drive in February to collect needed supplies for the Purrfect Pals shelter in Arlington, Washington. They invited us to contribute. You see, it turns out that Ghostbusters Fosters is in the same zip code as the Cat Ball World Headquarters. So we came up with a good plan: The Cat Ball would offer some discount cat beds to followers of the Ghostbuster's facebook page, and deliver everything in person, saving everyone on shipping fees. 

A wish list was created on Amazon, and supporters from all around the world and a number of other countries sent presents, both practical and fun, and somewhere in an Amazon shipping warehouse, employees were packaging bags of cat food, cat toys, white towels, cat carriers and "pee pads" over and over again. 

Then this happened:

Ghostbuster Fosters birthday present donation drive to benefit Purrfect Pals cat shelter

Photo credit: Ghostbuster Fosters and The Cat Ball


Bewildered UPS drivers got to know the address well as they started to make the gift deliveries, dropping boxes off throughout January and February in preparation for the event. The drivers continued to deliver box after box of presents addressed to "Ghosties Kittens", basically filling up the garage, until the day of the event. Seriously. There were something like 250 boxes. 

Egon is a cat from the Ghostbusters Fosters and Foster Dad John’s Critter Room Kitten Cam

This is Egon, who basically looks exactly like his brother Ray. If you can't tell which cat you're looking at, just refer to him as "Raygon".

The event ran on live stream via Foster Dad John's camera as we opened the presents, shared the contents, and thanked the donors. John and Tracey know and remember many of the people and cats, and were able to share a lot of sweet stories. 

It took seven people five hours to unbox all of the gifts. 

I left the event thinking about all of the houses in the world and that many of these houses have pets living inside, pets who are cherished by people who love them dearly, and how so many people are so caring that they are willing to be so generous with cats who they will never meet. Really, it is the desire that somewhere, a kitty could make a complete stranger happy, just like your own kitty has made you so happy, that probably fuels these loving pet parents to share so generously.

Thank You.

If you're interested in the live kitten cam that John operates, check out:

 (Did I cover the story accurately? Have I missed anything important? Let me know!)



  • Poppy Cat

    Great write up! I like your closing thought; I never thought about it that way but I’m sure things like this ARE so successful because of the desire for a pet somewhere else in the world to make someone else as happy as your pet has made you :)

    Also for Lynda, here is more information about Purrfect Pals’s “prison program”:

  • vicki c

    ps…the link at the bottom that actually reads livestream…. is the one that is going to ghosties…if you hover over it is shows the actual destination. i noticed the critter room link in the article does go to the livestream page

  • vicki c

    Hi Jennifer! Great article! I watched all 5 hours. (the link to livestream is going to the Ghosties FB page…not sure why or how)

  • Lynne

    I’m one of the people who took advantage of your kind offer and bought a catnoe for the birthday. I live in New Zealand, and spend a lot of my time in bed, with my cat, watching kitten cams! (I have M.E./C.F.S. – not just being lazy!) I loved watching the grand opening, and seeing The Ghosties all grown up and confident.

    Thank you for being part of the day, and helping to make it such a success!

  • Lynda

    I am very interested in seeing photos of the piles of gifts after they were opened. I hope someone took pictures of that. It was so much fun to watch them open the gifts! Great job to one and all. I would like to know more about the prison program and how they got it set up. Thanks,

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