January 14, 2012


Feline Tardis Contraption

We all know that cats are great explorers, perhaps the best, so why wouldn’t they want to explore on an multidimensional basis, jumping through space and time at their whim?


We’ve found that cats living in this dimension have enjoyed using this contraption as a place to hang out, a napping spot and a rollicking play space. They love to poke their paws through the tiny opening in the top!

The Feline Tardis Contraption possesses the following attributes:

  • Applique windows
  • Fully lined in black (It's bigger on the inside)
  • Removable quilted floor mat makes cleaning less confusing
  • Seams finished with hand cut bias tape.
  • Contained, one-piece unit with a lightly batted and quilted floor.
  • Ability to stand upright
  • Ability to be squished.
  • Ability to return to original shape after suffering previous abuses

Jennifer Schmidt
Jennifer Schmidt


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