February 29, 2016


Coordinating Sets - Mourning Calico by Riley Blake

These small print calicos in grey, black and white are Riley Blake fabrics, and the patterns are influenced by Victorian era design. Are you looking for a Gothic cat bed? Have a closer look at these! 

These Cat Ball cat beds are made in cotton fabrics inspired by Victorian prints creating modern cat beds with a gothic look

These tiny calico prints in black, white and grey are from the Riley Blake "Mourning" fabric collection. We've just got these two Cat Ball styles available right now, the Grey Seeds and Grey Weave, but will be adding Cat Canoe® options in the same grey fabrics and purple later on. We like the tiny prints that were influenced by Victorian-era designs. Did you know that people in that time period wore purple during mourning? I learned this while I was working as a costume designer. 

This Cat Ball is a modern cat bed with a gothic design appeal This Cat Ball is a modern cat bed with a gothic design appeal

There is also a Cat Canoe® made in a dusty purple paisley fabric from this collection, and some customers are purchasing this Cat Canoe to go with the Cat Ball® cat beds shown in this post.

Purple Paisley Cat Canoe Victorian Inspired Pet Bed Design

Jennifer Schmidt
Jennifer Schmidt


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