That Day We Were Getting Silly and Having Fun - Crazy Election Cats

Sorry folks, it isn't April Fool's Day - but sometimes the current USA Presidential election campaign feels like it. 

Our own contributions to the "Presidensual kampain" include the Feline Voting Booth Contraption and a few photos where we "Trumped" the cat (or whatever was convenient). What have other creative folks been up to?

Our friends The Cheeky Puppy are in the middle of it all. Located at 1709 Connecticut Ave NW in Washington, DC. this charming pet boutique can't escape "teh politushuns" so they have decided to embrace the race and have curated a collection of "red, whyt and boo" geared up for goggies and kittehs. You'll find plenty of fun and silly politically themed pet items, but one of our overall favorites is this sentimental illustration of historical presidential pets by artist Lauren Friedman.

Illustration of historical Presidential Pets by Washington, DC artist Lauren Friedman

Check this link on the Cheeky Puppy website for purchasing information on this limited edition print. 


If you are willing to Vote Cat or Vote Dog, we suggest this collar tag:

Vote For Treats pet collar tag by BlackDogEngraving on Etsy

 This collar tag is by BlackDogEngraving on Etsy. 


If you've already decided that your allegiance is with the Feline Party, you may want to share your devotion by wearing this pendant by ThePendantOutlet on Etsy:

Vote Cat with this pendant by ThePendantOutlet on Etsy

Followers of the Feline Party have come to understand that their elected representatives are easily distracted and keep limited office hours. 


Maybe you prefer the Dog Party, even if they are a bunch of drooling, howling, butt sniffers. We found this tote bag in support of their most controversial member: 

Political dog tote bag featuring Dogald Trump made by PetStudioArt on Etsy

This very "Presidensual" tote bag was made by PetStudioArt on Etsy


Our own star spangled contribution to the 2016 Presidential sandbox is the Feline Voting Booth Contraption. Obviously we purchased "Democat" and "Furrpublican" fabrics, but then #facepalm - duh. Cats always vote Independent. 

The CAT BALL cat bed remade as a Feline Voting Booth Contraption for the 2016 Presidential campaign just in case you want to Vote Cat


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