Hair Balls

The shark Cat Ball cat bed

Many of you know that my wife, Jennifer, created The Cat Ball and founded the company that shares its name. But what you may not know is that the old adage is true: behind every great pet bed designer is a good man. In our case, that man is me. I handle all the big jobs around here like lifting heavy things, opening the mail, and fetching tea.

My favorite job, though, is being 'creative'. Oh, the hours I've spent laying on the couch shouting out ideas over the din of the sewing machines. For example, Jennifer gives me credit for coming up with the Shark Cat Ball. The truth, of course, is that I was just sitting around watching Shark Week (who doesn't love Shark Week?!) and started fantasizing about seeing one of our cats.. the one with the real MEOWing addiction.. eaten by a shark. Jennifer figured out how to make that happen (well, not the actual eating part).

Not all of my ideas are gems, though. Some of them are only slightly more marketable than hair balls. And in fact, that's what Jennifer calls them: hair balls. As in, "Great, I see you coughed up another hair ball." In honor of this moniker, we've decided to change the name of this blog from the descriptive but uninspiring "News", to "The Hair Ball."

If you'd like to cough up a hair ball too, we'd love to hear your ideas. And keep those Cat Ball photos coming… especially if they feature a cat being eaten by a shark! If you'd like to see your Instagram photo featured on our front page, just tag your photos with #thecatball.

Oh, and happy Shark Week everyone!



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