New Canoes Have Floated In!

Well, they didn't really float in, a truck drove up and then we had to move a bunch of boxes around, but isn't it more exciting to imagine rivers full of Cat Canoes floating by?

We've got four new styles of Cat Canoe and I really can't hold myself back with this one: The Bed Of Nails.

The Cat Canoe cat bed made by The Cat Ball, LLC

Let your sense of humor prevail with this comical Cat Canoe! The outside is a print made to look like denim and the inside is nails! While your cat peacefully slumbers, you will be laughing that she is sleeping on a bed of nails, which you selected specifically for her.







The Cat Canoe cat bed  The Cat Canoe cat bed

Both purple and green have been really popular for Cat Canoes and our Cat Ball designs, so we've got these for you!

This Cat Canoe is made to match our leopard Cat Ball design:

Jennifer Schmidt
Jennifer Schmidt


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