More New Cat Canoes!

We are so excited to get some more new Cat Canoe designs in! Sorry these photos don't have cats inside - my models are hiding somewhere right now.


Pastel Blue and Pink Cat Canoe
 Cat Canoe in Pastels Cat Ball in Teal Dots

Oh, it is so cute! The Pastel Blue and Pink Cat Canoe also coordinates with our Turquoise and Teal Polka Dot Cat Ball design, so here are photos of both of them.


Neutral Brown Cat Canoe

 Cat Canoe in Neutral Brown


We get a lot of requests for neutral colors, and I can understand why: a lot of people want their cat beds to coordinate with their decor, or to look good with their cat. This Neutral Brown Cat Canoe is going to be a good choice for many people.






 Grumpy Cat Canoe

Cat Canoe cat bed design 

Well, we didn't call it the Grumpy Cat Canoe, but we have nicknamed the lining fabric "Grumpy Cat". Have a close look and you'll see why!

The Red and Ivory Stripe Cat Canoe is going to be right for someone, I'm not sure who. Maybe someone who has a cat with a grumpy attitude :)


We are making most of our products in rather small quantities, and focusing on high quality fabrics with character or a look that might look good with decor. Do let us know if you have suggestions!




Jennifer Schmidt
Jennifer Schmidt




December 27, 2014


I can make a jumbo Cat Canoe. The jumbo Cat Canoe is about 12" wide at the base, and 25" long, making it about 4 inches wider and 5 inches longer than our Cat Canoe.

Dawn Soehren
Dawn Soehren

December 24, 2014

I have a Maine Coon/Bengal mixed cat who is very long. Will you make the Cat Canoes just a little bit longer for these over sized kitties in the future?

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