Comics and Books at CatConLA

It looks like a lot of books, comics, and related art posters, original art and stickers will be at CatConLA in 2016. I'm not too familiar with these things, and I was immediately distracted by the artists represented in this collage: Kyle Puttkammer of the courageous felines at Hero Cats, and Rachel Dukes of Mix Tape Comics and her original Siamese character named Frankie. 

Comic book artist Rachel Dukes of Mix Tape Comics and Cynthia Jordan Puttkammer of Hero Cats will be at CatConLA in 2016

Two different comic books are represented in this collage.

Hero Cats

The Hero Cats of Stellar City are a tactical action-packed covert team of cats dealing with extraordinary threats to humanity in ways that will amaze.

Hero Cats looks like an action packed story line: between parachuting, dodging aliens and driving get away cars, do these heroic cats ever get sleep? This looks like fun stuff! Follow the Hero Cats in play by play action on Twitter. Meet the team behind the creation here. 

Mix Tape Comics

Frankie Comics by Rachel Dukes - Collection of gag strips chronicling the adventures of Frankie the cat.

Rachel Dukes of Mix Tape Comics is taking life one day at a time with her kitty Frankie, and you're gonna laugh because Rachel is simply telling the truth about cats!  

Rachel will have comic books, posters, prints and related art. Her drawings are so cute! 

Ingrid King - The Conscious Cat 

The Conscious Cat is a resource for conscious living, health and happiness for cats and people

Ingrid has written five books and will be at CatConLA. She's also scheduled for a book signing event at Pussy and Pooch on Friday, June 24th. Check her site, the Conscious Cat, for more scheduling information. 

 CatConLA in 2016

CatConLA is a convention for people who love cats!

CatConLA in 2016 is happening June 25th and 26th at The Reef in Los Angeles. This two day event is going to be crazy fun for people who love cats and pop culture! The Cat Ball will be vending in booth #420. Here is a list of all vendors at the show. 

Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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