CatConLA Photo Opportunities

CatConLA 2016 special guests include Lil' Bub! CatConLA 2016 special guests include Nala and White Coffee Cat CatConLA 2016 special guests include Pudge

CatConLA photo opportunities include celebrity cats and fun selfie photos

What can you do at CatConLA that is free and fun? Take photographs!

Make sure that your phone is fully charged because it looks like there are going to be some clever photo opportunities for you at CatConLA in 2016. Yes, be sure to bring your "flat cat" to the show so you can collect funny photos of your cardboard kitty doing crazy things. Here are some things we know about that you might want to look for when you're scoping out the show.

Julie Newmar, aka Catwoman, will be at CatConLA for a book signing event

Celebrity Humans A bunch of celebrities attended last year, and we know more will be there again this year - including Julie Newmar! Here is scheduling information. 

Celebrity cats at CatConLA are Pudge, Lil Bub, Nala and White Coffee Cat

Celebrity Cats These cats have been on the covers of magazines, and are well known on Facebook and Instagram. There is an additional ticket required to meet and greet with these kitties, and proceeds from the ticket sales benefit Fix Nation, Kitten Rescue and Lil Bub's Big Fund. Link to tickets. 

Sensational clothing designer Pretty Snake visits CatConLA in 2015 Collage of costumes and participants at CatConLA in 2015

Costumes Expect people to be in the spirit with outlandish, thematic costumes. I'm still working on mine! (hint: I've been buying merit badges).

Fashion Show Zappos and CatConLA are sponsoring the "Furr-ocious Fashion Face-Off Contest", which you can actually enter into Round One of this contest right now! (entry ends June 11th, so get busy!) Round Two happens on June 26th, and this is gonna be a fashion show with people walking the runway to show off their creative costuming! Here is the contest info. 

Modern Cat Magazine selfie photo booth at CatConLA

Modern Cat Magazine They are bringing their selfie photo backdrop back again this year. Stop by their booth, they are in #304, and play with the props and get a photo of yourself "on the cover" of Modern Cat Magazine! Be sure to tag them when you post to Instagram: @modern_cat_mag and #CatConLA

The Cat Ball made a diorama for photographing your flat cat at CatConLA in 2016

The Cat Ball Diorama I could be focusing on important things, like organizing receipts alphabetically, but instead I made a miniature diorama for your photo entertainment! Bring your flat cat to the Cat Ball booth #420 and play with our props and guest cats to set up your own silly photo shoots. 

Do you know about other interesting things to photograph while you're at CatConLA? Tell us about your ideas here! 

Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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