The Cat Ball in the 8 Days a Week Fabric Collection

The 8 Days a Week fabric collection uses bold contrasting colors and features in a fresh way.

The collection uses text, stripes and polka dots. The colors are coral, royal blue, lime green, black and white.

We currently have two Cat Ball® Cat beds and one Cat Canoe® from this collection; two other Cat Ball® SKUs have sold out. 

The Cat Ball cat bed made in Windham Fabrics 8 Days a Week collection



The CAT BALL for cats who love Monday and Caturday 

The brigCAT BALL cat bed in Windham 8 days a week fabric collectionht stripes Cat Ball® cat bed

CAT BALL cat bed in coral polka dots fabricSorry, we have sold out of the coral polka dots Cat Ball® cat bed.

 The days of the week are printed on this Cat Ball.







blue and black polks dots CAT BALL cat bedSorry, we have sold out of the blue and black polka dots Cat Ball® cat bed 

The CAT CANOE modern pet bed in royal blue and black polka dotsThe coordinating Cat Canoe in royal blue with black polka dots.

The Cat Ball made in striped and polka dots fabrics









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