Cat Ball Retail Partner - Natural Pet Pantry

Boutique neighborhood pet stores are a fun stop as you enjoy a walk with your dog. If you live in Kirkland, Washington, we suggest walking your dog down to Natural Pet Pantry.

Julie Austin Pet Photography installed at Natural Pet Pantry in Kirkland, WA

This amazing cat portrait photo is by Julie Austin of Any Pet Photography and is one of may pieces hanging at the store. 




A dog at Natural Pet Pantry in Kirkland, WashingtonThe Cat Ball, LLC is located in the Seattle Metro area and we've visited Natural Pet Pantry many times. We are always impressed with the very personal customer service and strong community ties that this boutique pet store creates. Plus, every time we stop by, there are dogs to visit with. 


A cat lounging inside a Cat Ball cat bed at Natural Pet Pantry in Kirkland Washington


Natural Pet Pantry also partners with Motley Zoo Animal Rescue to bring adoptable cats to the Kirkland store front. This kitty is Queen Felix, who now has a new home. 

Curious to see who the newest adoptable cat is or if some cute Pugs stopped by to play? Check the Natural Pet Pantry Instagram feed. For store hours and events, check their Facebook page. The store website and newsletter subscription is here. 

 Natural Pet Pantry raw dog food Natural Pet Pantry raw dog food Natural Pet Pantry raw dog food is made in the Seattle, Washington area

Since 2000, Natural Pet Pantry has been creating nutritional, species-appropriate raw pet food. Many pet owners have found that shifting to a raw diet has great benefits, and Natural Pet Pantry now also offers 100% USDA certified organic vegetable content in relevant foods. They have two store locations, Kirkland and Burien, and also offer food delivery to selected areas. 

The Natural Pet Pantry is offering special pricing on their pet beds, including

the Cat Ball® and Cat Canoe® for the month of November. 



Jennifer Schmidt
Jennifer Schmidt


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