November 24, 2015

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2015 Holiday Gift Guides

The Cat Ball has been selected for a number of 2015 Christmas and Holiday gift guides, in fact we keep discovering more every day. Here is a list of some that we know about.

The Conscious Cat blog 2015 Holiday Gift Guide promoting the Cat Canoe and Cat Ball cat bed

The Cat Ball cat bed is on the 2015 holiday gift guide at blog - the Ultimate 2015 Catspired Gift Guide

2015 Holiday Gift Guide at

The Cat Ball cat bed is included in the 2015 Nashville Paw magazine Christmas gift guide As seen in Tails Magazine - 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Etsy's Editor Picks 2015 Gift Guide to Novelty and Gag - 21 Terrifyingly Perfect Gifts For Shark-Loving Kids blog 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

The shark CAT BALL cat bed is featured in the blog, 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Huffington Post weird Christmas gift guide 2015

Katzenworld blog 2015 holiday gift guide

lesminuscules blog 2015 holiday gift guide






Jennifer Schmidt
Jennifer Schmidt


1 Comment

dale mahnke
dale mahnke

January 14, 2016

Jennifer. I really want to congratulate you on a very wonderful job you have done with the Cat Ball. I always encourage those that hit adversity in life most, as it usually is just around the corner when the next big opportunity arrives. You have hit yours, as I want to be a part of it too. The awesome idea, the wonderful creation of inner strength is just wonderful. I will be in contact with you, as I think your products will fit my niche just wonderfully. Dale

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