September 15, 2018


Coordinating cat beds in black and white knit stripes


Look carefully: the design on this woven cotton fabric is a stripe, but it looks like a knit. This clever fabric really appealed to me, so I got all that I could. We first used it to make our Cat Ball® cat bed

The CAT BALL cat bed made in a black and white knit pattern

Our next project was to make the jumbo size Cat Canoe®, but we had to make a substitution with the lining fabric. This replacement is white, but instead of looking like knitted stripes, it looks like an abstracted wavy bicycle chain. 

Jumbo Cat Canoe kitty bed made in black and white cotton fabrics

It takes time to make our cat beds. We prepare the fabrics for a bunch of beds at the same time so we can cut the fabric and foam in a tall stack. We are working on a third bed to coordinate in this series right now, it will be a standard size Cat Canoe®, made in the same way that the jumbo was made. 

We often receive requests for purple cat beds, and sometimes for pink, but one of our best selling color combinations is black and white. It makes sense, because black, white, cow and tuxedo kitties are going to look great inside a black and white cat bed. I've found that tight prints like these help to disguise shedded cat fur, and help to keep a bed looking tidier between cleaning sessions. 

Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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