Blue and White Butterflies - Coordinating Cat Bed Options

We've heard from a lot of customers that you want coordinating or matching cat bed options, so we keep this in mind when sourcing our fabrics. We are excited to show our latest coordinating cat bed options, made in a line of fabrics made by Dear Stella. 

It takes awhile to make things, so the first available bed is a Cat Canoe® in blue ferns and butterflies. We are working on two Cat Ball® options and will also have a jumbo size Cat Canoe® available later in 2018.

Cat Canoe cat bed made in blue ferns and butterflies fabric

Cat Canoe cat bed made in blue ferns and butterflies fabric

More beds made with these fabrics will become available throughout 2018. 

The Cat Canoe and Cat Ball cat bed are available in coordinating fabrics, using shades of white and blue

 The Cat Ball modern cat bed in stone blue dandelion print fabric. This washable cat bed is made by The Cat Ball, LLC

 As these cat beds become available, we will be listing them in the Cat Ball, Cat Canoe  Jumbo Beds and Coordinating Sets sections of our store. We will also send out email newsletters when the new options become available. You can subscribe to our newsletter here.

Coordinating cat beds in navy blue, stone blue, and white. Made by The Cat Ball, LLC in Washington.

Interested in more photos that show cat beds that look good together? This blog post demonstrates our cat beds in shades of brown, blue and green. 

Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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