December 03, 2019


Blue Fabric Cat Ball cat beds

We found fabrics, they were blue, so we made blue Cat Ball cat beds. Stop giggling.

We used a series of blue fabrics with silver accents to create these Cat Ball cat beds

See? It's a bunch of Cat Ball® cat beds, and they are blue. Even the Cat Canoe® is blue

I can't remember what happened. Did I try to get some design that was sold out, and they sent me a replacement? Or did I actually choose all of these blue fabrics and get exactly what I ordered? All I can remember is these boxes arrived and I just kept pulling blue fabrics out, bolt after bolt of blue (with delicate shiny silver details) and I realized right then, "We are gonna end up making blue Cat Balls, and everyone is gonna lose their composure over this."

I was not wrong. We made one Cat Canoe® and four different Cat Ball® cat beds, and everyone is still snickering and giggling. 

Cat Ball cat bed in blue and silver rain - blue ball 1

We made this one first, so we called it #1. The striped shell fabric looks sort of like rain, and we needed some way to describe this thing, so now you know the origin of the ridiculous name. This dark blue lining will help to disguise shedded fur from black (or mostly black) coats, dark brown, and tabby fur. 

Cat Ball cat bed made in blue fabrics with silver metallic accents

Cat Ball cat bed in blue and white rain - blue ball 2

OK, this time it's the same fabric print inside and out, just in two different color ways. A light lining like this can help to disguise white shedded fur. 

Cat Ball cat bed made in coordinating blue and white fabrics with metallic details

Cat Ball cat bed in blue and silver flowers - blue ball 3

The same flower design, which includes tiny spots of metallic silver, is used for shell and lining. We also made a Cat Canoe® with these fabrics. 

Cat Ball modern cat bed made in pretty blue flower fabrics with metallic accents


Cat Ball cat bed in white, light blue and silver rain - blue ball 4

Our last blue Cat Ball® is white, so this should be easy to tell from the others. The lining is on a light blue background. This bed is the total opposite of our first "blue ball" Cat Ball. 

Our small cat model named Tink is inside a Cat Ball cat bed made in white, blue and metallic fabric

Cat Canoe in blue and silver flowers

We only made one Cat Canoe in these fabrics, selecting the flower print for this cat bed design. 

Cat Canoe modern cat bed made in blue, white, and metallic flower fabric

We make a few production runs each year, cutting a big stack of fabric each time. When we run out of the beds we usually are not able to get any more of the fabric. 

Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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