June 20, 2018


Coordinating Floral Paisley Cat Beds

I can't always attend wholesale fabric shows, so I don't always get to see fabrics before I buy them. When UPS drives up with my fabric deliveries I can't wait to see my purchases in real life! These bold floral paisleys from the Andover Garden Square collection overwhelmed me at first, but in the end I was taken by the whimsy and charm of these delightful fabrics. 

Fabric swatches of Andover Fabrics Garden Square fabric collection

The thing is, I ordered four fabrics from this collection, but only received three. I was seriously digging through the box, looking for the fabric that didn't arrive. Now what? Now what do I do? You'll see my solution in the photos below. 

The Cat Canoe®

A small cross eyed cat sits in a Cat Canoe modern cat bed made in a pink floral paisley fabric


There is a lot of black in the main pink color here, so I suppose it's more technically described as "mauve". Tink, our almost-eight-pound and somewhat-Siamese supermodel, demonstrates the bed here, but she sure doesn't fill it up. I hope to someday see a photo of a large black cat spilling out over the edges of this bed. You just know it will look great! The orange, yellow and green colors in the design will compliment feline eyes very nicely. 

The Cat Ball®

I only received one fabric to make my Cat Ball® design out of, so I had to think of another fabric that could coordinate with it. Why not pink velvet? 

The Cat Ball made in pink velvet with a grey floral paisley fabric lining

The result is festive and a bit zany. It might even make you giggle. 

We do usually use 100% cotton fabrics for our cat beds, but the pink velvet here is a polyester panne. It's a pleasantly soft and sensual fabric, and a bit shiny. The stuff wears well, washes fine and looks interesting. The lining is 100% cotton, which offers a temperature-responsive surface for your cat's extended napping sessions. 

How They Look Together

It's obvious that the fabrics are from a coordinating collection, but the beds aren't too matchy-matchy. 

Coordinating cat bed sets in floral paisley fabrics

Some people like to get matching or coordinating cat bed sets, so I try to get photos that show the fabrics together. If you prefer a more neutral and muted look, including shades of brown and navy, you might like the Manor House collection. The fabrics in this Windham Fabrics collection are all based on actual late 19th century textile designs. If you prefer a more whimsical look, somewhat similar to the paisley fabrics here, have a look at the grey and coral ikat polka dots cat beds we created. For other ideas on coordinating cat beds, visit our Coordinating Cat Beds page. 

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Coordinating set of cat beds: the CAT BALL and the CAT CANOE in floral paisley fabrics



Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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