Bright Green and Pink Cat Bed Selections

There are times when a brightly colored cat bed is the best selection. If you're looking for a lively photo prop, or a splash of color in your home, vivid colors can be a great option. If you're fostering kittens or cats and take photos of the animals to assist with adoption, we've found that a flashy, multicolored background can be an asset.

Cat Ball Cat Bed in Bright Green with Pink Lining The Cat Canoe in Bright Green with Pink Lining

We have a small amount of these splashy green and pink fabrics on hand, and are making these coordinating cat beds on demand, here at the Cat Ball World Headquarters design studio. There is a standard Cat Canoe® and standard size Cat Ball® cat bed available. They will be made after purchase, and ship in about a week. 

Coordinating cat beds made in bright green and pink cotton fabrics

This fun fabric was part of the Mystic Forest collection we had available years earlier, and if you have any of our cat beds in the colors shown below, these beds will look great with them:

Mystic Forest cat bed collection

Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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