Cat Ball Cat Bed in Spooky Spiders Halloween Fabric

Hello, this is Jennifer, the designer at The Cat Ball, LLC. 

When I select fabrics for our products I'm usually thinking about:

  • Cat hair. What will cat fur look like against this fabric? What will shedded fur look like in the bed? 
  • Black cats. Will this bed look great with black and tuxedo cats?
  • Furniture. Will this fabric look good with most furniture? Will it look like an accent pillow? 
  • Beauty. Is the fabric beautiful? Does it follow current trends?
  • Humor. Is there something funny about this fabric?
  • Social Appeal. Is there anything about the fabric that makes it relevant to pop culture? 

Cat Ball- Spooky Spiders Halloween fabric - swatch details

This combination of spooky, spidery fabrics was created by Riley Blake, and they sure do fit nicely with our design considerations. Cats with predominantly grey, tan, brown, cream and black coats will look wonderful with these fabrics, and their shedded fur will disappear against the lining fabric. Orange cats will look great in contrast: it's win-win for the kitties and you! 

Cat Ball cat bed in spooky spiders Halloween fabric

The cat model here is Retro, who weighs about 15 pounds. Larger cats (and small dogs) can use the Cat Ball® cat bed. This washable cat pod design was made in the USA and is easily folded for shipping. Here is the product link

Want to see more of our designs made in Riley Blake fabrics? See the current collection here. 

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