Child Size Face Masks

Face masks made for children about 4 to 11 years old. Made in USA.

We are making child size and pre-teen/petite adult size face masks. They are made the same way we make our adult size masks, with three layers of woven fabric and a side-entry filter pocket. These face masks are constructed with cotton/Lycra ear loops.

A 5 year old girl wearing our face mask design

This child is 5 years old

The child size face mask is very small, and we will refer to it as size Small in our catalog. It fits kids from about 4 years old to about 11 years old. In this photo you can see four different ages wearing the same size mask. 

Children from ages 2 to 9 years old wearing the same size face mask

These children are from ages 2 to 9 and are all wearing the same size face mask

Here is a size comparison of our Small mask next to our size L mask, which fits most adults.

Our size Small face mask compared to size Large

 It's tiny and cute! The filter pocket really is not functional in this small size.

We also are making a size Medium face mask for kids around 12 to petite adults and we are working on getting photos to help show the size. Here are all three sizes stacked together:

Face masks in sizes S, M and L

Our face masks in sizes S, M and L

What Size Does My Child Need?

The feedback we've received is that our size small fits about ages  4 to 11. Our medium fits around age 12 and up and will provide a better fit for petite adults. We hope these photos will help you to understand the sizes.

Face mask dimensions sizes small and medium

Comparing size small to medium

Comparing face mask sizes medium to largeComparing size small to medium

 Care and Cleaning

We recommend putting face masks in a mesh lingerie bag and washing in cold water. You can hang to dry, flat dry or tumble dry. We do not recommend bleach at all, as there is not a CDC recommendation to add bleach and it will change toe appearance of the fabric. Using hot water can affect the color of the fabric and cause shrinking, and a hot dryer can also cause shrinking. 

Our face mask blog post offers more information on washing our face masks and cleaning face masks in general. We made a follow-up post with more information on managing face masks here. 


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