March 06, 2020


Coordinating Cat Beds - Stitch Cats


Cat Ball modern cat bed made in a dark raspberry pink with a surprise lining in a cat print fabricTink explores the Cat Ball® cat bed

Coordinating Cat Beds are Popular

Our customers frequently request options for coordinating cat bed sets, but sometimes it is hard for us to find fabrics that will work, or enough yardage. We got lucky this time and found four fabrics from the "Stitch Cats" collection designed by textile and paper design artist Nancy Nicholson, and produced by Clothworks. 

Coordinating Cat Canoe and Cat Ball cat bed made in cute fabrics by ClothworksWe used fabrics designed by artist Nancy Nicholson to create these coordinating cat beds

My Design Decisions

I decided to make the cat beds this way because I thought it would be fun to discover the bright and creative cats if they were hiding inside the Cat Ball, and I thought it might be easier for people to add a cat bed made in the more solid, dark raspberry pink color into their homes than the busier folksy-look kitty print. The Cat Canoe could have gone either way, but I thought putting the flat charcoal grey birds print outside was the better option. I'm really happy with the results!


Coordinating Cat Canoe and Cat Ball modern cat bed made in fabrics by ClothworksYou can see all of the fabric swatches in this image

We Have Photos

We've created images that show the cat beds and the corresponding fabric swatches, you can see the Cat Canoe® images here and the Cat Ball® cat bed images here. Curious about the fabric designer, Nancy Nicholson? She's well known for her embroidery kits and whimsical designs with a folksy look. Nancy's website is here


Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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