May 22, 2019


The Fabrics That Broke My Rules - Exotic Kilim Fabrics by Hoffman

Cat Ball bed made in exotic red and gold kilim print by Hoffman fabricsTink poses next to the Cat Ball® bed made in the cayenne red and gold kilim fabric by Hoffman

How do I choose fabrics to use to make out cat bed designs? I've got a checklist of things, and it includes these considerations:

  • Fabric does not have expansive light colored background
  • A somewhat small and busy print can hide shedded fur
  • Will black cats look lovely in it? 
  • Does it reflect modern trends or interests?
  • Is the fabric high quality?
  • Would it look good on a couch, like an accent pillow? 
  • Are the colors black, navy, brown, tan or a popular shade of green?
  • The fabric is not red

That's the thing: I really avoid buying red fabrics. I even avoid buying pink fabrics. Customers do request pink, but nobody ever requests red. 

Reds Apparently Aren't Popular in Decor

I'm not a student of interior design, but from observation it seems that red fabrics apparently aren't popular in decor. Really, I'd suggest that you focus on navy and tan instead. That said, just look at this amazing print:

Cat Ball bed made in burgundy and multi color kilim fabric with metallic gold details

This fabric is so detailed that it looks like a weaving or an embroidered tapestry. Up close you can see that the designer completely intended that effect, and has frequently used metallic gold ink to accent the details, even giving the impression of tassels made from gold coins or pastilles. 

 I Broke My Rules With These Fabrics

That's exactly what happened: I totally broke my hard-learned fabric rules when I saw these amazing fabrics. I was so impressed with the dimension and design work of these Hoffman prints that I bought a bunch. They arrived and I immediately bought more. I just think they're incredible. 

Cat Canoe bed made in burgundy and multi color kilim fabric with metallic gold detailsWe used two fabrics from this Hoffman collection to make the Cat Canoe®

These metallic gold details are just fabulous, and have been cleverly used to create a sense of dimension. 

Compare These Beautiful Fabrics

Cat Canoe view showing the bed right side and flipped inside out

Our Cat Canoe® shown right side out on the left and flipped inside out on the right so you can see the fantastic fabrics

We've shown this Cat Canoe® right side out and flipped inside out here so you can get a good look at the lining fabric. This print should disguise shedded cat fur pretty well, especially the dark fur from black cats, tabbies, and tortoise shells. We try to show good photos of the lining fabrics because some cats prefer to sleep in this bed when it is flipped inside out.  

Cat Beds With A Luxurious Fantasy Look

These fabrics have such a luxury look, suggesting foreign lands, mysteries and romantic fantasies. While I rarely select fabrics in shades of red for our cat bed designs, I just had to get these beautiful Hoffman prints because they suggest the sort of regal luxury that I think cats expect us to deliver to them. 

Coordinating cat bed designs made in kilim rug fabric

 The Beds We Made

Here are the cat beds we made with these Hoffman fabrics. There are fabrics left over, and I'm thinking of ways I can use them. I think I'd actually like to make a simple flat mat with one of these prints. Do you have any ideas? 

Cat Ball bed made in cayenne red and multi Hoffman fabric with metallic gold detailsCat Ball cave bed for cats in multi color kilim fabric print

Cat Ball bed made in cayenne red Hoffman fabric with metallic gold detailsCat Ball cave bed for cats in cayenne red and gold kilim fabric print

Cat Canoe pet bed made in cayenne red and multi Hoffman fabric with metallic gold detailsTink inside the Cat Canoe made with the multi color kilim fabric

The Cat Ball cat bed made in exotic kilim fabrics by Hoffman

Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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