May 15, 2018


Modern Whimsical - Grey and Coral Polka Dots Cat Bed Options

When we are sourcing fabrics for your cat beds, we think about a lot of things: will it look good with furniture and decor? Will it look OK when fur sheds on it? Is the fabric funny? Does the print have a contemporary appeal? But perhaps the most important thing we think about is this: will cats look great on that fabric? 

a Lynx Point cat inside the Grey and Coral Cat Canoe

I'm not sure that these fabrics will blend in seamlessly with a lot of couches and curtains, but cats sure look good on these fabrics! I only wish that I had about elebenty eleben more cats in my house so I could show you photos of grey kitties, grey tuxedo kitties and dilute tortoise shell kitties in these beds!

A cat inside the Grey and Coral Polka Dots CAT BALL cat bed

(Ignore the evil stare: she just needs a nap)

These beds are all finished and ready to ship. Click on the photos to get to the right pages. 

The CAT CANOE modern cat bed made in grey and coral polka dots fabric

Cat Canoe® made in grey and coral polka dots fabric

Grey and Coral Polka Dots Cat Ball Cat Bed The Cat Ball® cat bed made in grey and coral polka dots fabric

The cat in these photos is Tink, and at 7.5 pounds, she is our smaller kitty product model. We know that cats to about 18-10 pounds regularly use our cat bed designs. If you have questions about fit, returns or shipping, visit our FAQ page

By the way, if you take great photos of your cats inside our cat beds and want to share your photos with us, we suggest posting the image to Instagram using #thecatball or #catcanoe as appropriate, and you can tag us to the image with @thecatball to make it even easier for us to find the photo. You can also post images to our official Facebook page.  We are also on Twitter @thecatball and on Pinterest. 

Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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