New Cat Canoe Designs

Our Cat Canoe® pet beds have been hot, and we were running out of options after Christmas! Luckily there is a lot of fabric in the world, and we bought a bunch of it. Here are some of our new arrivals in the standard size category.

Cat Canoe modern pet designs by The Cat Ball, LLC

There are still more fabrics coming in 2017. We will be making more Cat Canoes, jumbo size Cat Canoes and Cat Balls. More of everything! 

The Cat Canoe modern cat bed in wildcats farbic Cat Canoe modern cat bed in Sunshine Ikat dot fabric Black Snowflake Cat Canoe Modern Pet Bed Cute Deer Cat Canoe a Modern Pet Bed

Cat Canoe a Modern Pet Bed in Navy Geometric Cotton Fabric

Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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