Shipping Deadlines for Christmas 2017

We try to ship all of our orders as quickly as possible, but remember that the postal system and other package delivery services get really busy during the Christmas shopping season. This is our recommended last-minute deadline for making your Christmas and holiday purchases at These dates also stand for any purchases made at our Etsy store. 

November 17 - International shipping (shipping to any country that is not USA)
December 12 - Fed Ex Ground shipping
December 14 - Cat Canoe shipping inside USA (includes jumbo Cat Canoe and mini Cat Ball)
December 19 - Cat Ball shipping inside USA (these ship via Priority Mail)

 Are you sending a Cat Ball as a gift? Let us know! We can include a gift receipt that doesn't have the price, and a gift card. 

2017 shipping deadlines for the Cat Ball

Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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