September 22, 2018

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Skull and crossbones fabric cat bed options

For some reason, there is a popular crossover between cats and skulls. I simply enjoy skull images, and I thought this juvenile fabric print was charming. Apparently I'm not the only one - every time we've made a cat bed with a skull fabric it has been well received. 

I should have photographed this fabric when it arrived, because it came rolled on tube, and I received three rolls of it, which was pretty dramatic. 

The first bed we made with it was the jumbo size Cat Canoe®, you can see our little model Tink giving the bed a try. 

Jumbo Cat Canoe in skull and crossbones fabric

Jumbo size Cat Canoe® made in a skull and crossbones fabric

The next bed that we made was the Cat Ball® cat bed, which arrived basically a day late for Talk Like A Pirate Day. 

The Cat Ball cat bed in skull and crossbones fabric

Tink enters the skull and crossbones Cat Ball® through the smaller opening

We quickly recruited Tink for the photo shoot. Tink is usually up for exploring new things, and Retro tends to disappear during the day, so he doesn't get to be in the photographs very often. 

We are also working on a standard size Cat Canoe® in this cute pirate fabric, and this bed should be ready to ship in October 2018. 

Can your cat talk like a pirate? We've made the perfect cat bed for pirate cats and punk rock pets! Our Cat Ball® cat bed is made here in a skull and crossbones fabric. Our Cat Ball® is hexagonal and has two openings, allowing cats the choices that they demand. Made in USA. Fits pets to about 18 pounds. #thecatball

 The skull and crossbones Cat Ball® for pirate kittehs

All three cat beds designs are shown in this photo, and Tink is completely overwhelmed with the options. 

Cat beds made in skull and crossbones fabrics for pirate pets




Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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January 05, 2019

It’s the black and white color combo I was going for. I don’t like the skulls, but I wanted to match our Catball in the black and white weekdays pattern (not available now), and this was the closest to that offered, so ordered a Catnoe in skulls. I have a black and white tuxedo, and this color combo not only matches him, but my decor. The skulls are small enough that barring close inspection, they look like polka dots. Love the weekdays pattern.

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