July 15, 2018


Teal Caret Geometric Fabric - Coordinating cat bed options

Let's test your memory of the computer keyboard: what's the character that you get when your hit "shift + 6"?

screenshot of the dictionary.com definition of the word caret

There you go, it's a "caret", the little editing mark used to show that something should be inserted here. So, what does this have to do with cat beds? Have a close look at this fabric:

detail photo of the teal caret fabric used for a coordinating set of cat beds made by The Cat Ball, LLC

 That geometric design looks like a caret! 

I like teal, jade, turquoise, and those other blue-green and green-blue colors. The colors tend to look great with car fur, and they also look good with wood, cork and bamboo. These colors also often work well as an accent in home decor, so I was pretty excited to buy these fabrics. I got enough to make the Cat Ball® and some Cat Canoe® beds. 

Coordinating Cat Ball cat bed and Cat Canoe cat beds made in coordinating teal caret geometric fabrics

We've made three different cat bed options available in these coordinating fabrics, the Cat Canoe®the Cat Ball® cat bed and the jumbo Cat Canoe®

The Cat Canoe made in teal caret print geometric fabric

The Cat Canoe® made in teal caret geometric fabric

The Cat Ball cat bed made in teal caret geometric print

The Cat Ball® cat bed made in teal caret geometric print fabric

Jumbo Cat Canoe in teal caret geometric fabric

The jumbo Cat Canoe® in teal caret geometric fabric

I think these fabrics will look great on light color woods, dark color leathers and ivory colored textiles. What do you think? 

Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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