The Cat Ball Certificate and Gold Star

Our motto at the Cat Ball is, "Your Cat Will Figure It Out®" (We feel so strongly about that phrase that it is actually a registered trademark.)

Cats being cats, every now and then things don't go as planned. I mean, I can't even tell you how many times I've heard some story like, "I just got my new Cat Ball in the mail and I put it on the table and turned around to set my keys down and the next thing I knew, both of my cats were there on the table, getting into it!" and that's usually where the story goes on to explain that's how both of the cats (and their new Cat Ball®) ended up on the floor. 

But every now and then a kitty is slow to figure it out. It's so weird. I mean, we know of about half a dozen blind cats who have a Cat Ball® and like it. The blind cats figure it out. But every now and then some loving hooman buys a Cat Ball® and the cat just stares at it. Eventually many of these kitties figure it out, and I will get an email or see an Instagram post explaining, "She finally figured it out!" and there you go! The cat finally figured it out. And this is why we have created the Cat Ball Certificate of Completion. You can download this one and use a phone app to add your cat's name, or you can send us an email with the good news and we will create a certificate for you,

The file here is 1080 x 1080, sized for Instagram posts. Feel free to download it and use #thecatball and  #yourcatwillfigureitout and we will see your post on teh interwebz!

If your cat still hasn't figured it out, email me at the address above and I'll share some tips and tricks with you. 



 The Cat Ball certificate of completion and gold star



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