Second quality Cat Ball - tan tribal fabric

We discovered some errors with this fabric and have set aside a few beds as second quality. We've seen different fabric problems including an occasional pink tint or spot, like the cat spilled strawberry Kool-Aid on his cat bed; one bed had small blue spots like an ink pen leaked (but just a little). These issues are cosmetic and at some level, they even work with the rustic print and design, but we are still offering beds with these fabric irregularities at a discount. This is a good opportunity to get a bed at a lower price. 

The fabrics are by Andover and are not the smooth quilting cotton we usually source, instead, they have an interesting coarse texture that is similar to vintage barkcloth. They are 100% cotton and have a rustic overall look. 

    • Made in the USA, in the state of Washington
    • Two openings, measuring about 6" diameter and about 10"
    • The bed diameter is 17", the height is about 16
The Cat Ball is a hexagonal cat bed with two openings, giving your cat a private cave style bed for long naps and planning world domination.

    Flat rate $5 shipping for all orders in the USA. 

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