Ear Saver Hook for Face Masks

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Ear saver hooks were created to relieve the tension and pressure on your ears when you're wearing a face mask for long periods of time, but can also be helpful if you find it uncomfortable to wear ear loops or need to control the length of the ear loops. These hooks are made of clear acrylic, are 1/8" thick, and 3-1/2" long.

These mask hooks can be washed with soap and water and sanitized with bleach-based solutions. Acrylic is a stiff plastic and these are not flexible and may break if you try to force or bend them. 

How to use these ear saver hooks

Hook one of your face mask ear loops over the stationary hook. Use any of the other three hooks to adjust the other ear loop to a comfortable tension. Our collection of face masks made with ear loops is here

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A pleasant surprise!

I’ve never owned a cat, and I don’t foresee doing so in the near future. With that said, I’m happy to support this company. I had an appointment coming up that would require a face mask for a prolonged period and needed something quick. I wanted American made, with pouch for a filter, reasonably priced, and needed to receive it in a short period of time. That was a tough combination of criteria. I was surprised when my search led me to The Cat Ball. I appreciate them reconfiguring their operations to meet a critical need. Bought 2 American flag masks and 2 of the plastic clips. While out received multiple comments of my nice mask and I shared details about it. One of the plastic clips did break in half during my first wearing. I’ll likely place another order.

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