Rabbit Cat Ball contest

Creative Cat Ball photo editing contest

See this funny Cat Ball®? I designed it just so I could laugh at the cats. We think the goofy thing is a good prop for funny photographs, or for clever photo edits, and we invite you to get creative with this contest.

How to Participate?

Photo Edit Entry - Add your silly to our rabbit, and create a photo edit of the thing. Tag your entry with #creativecatball and they will show up right here on this contest page! If you also tag #thecatball the photo will show up on the front page of thecatball.com. 

Not Feeling Creative? - That’s OK, you can still play along with us! There are two ways to enter:

1) Visit thecatball.com/rabbit-contest and see the entries there at the bottom of the page. Add your email and Instagram name so we know you were there. (Subscribing to our newsletter is entirely optional and not required for entering the contest)

2) Repost this post.

And the Prizes?

Someone’s gonna get one of these hairy rabbit Cat Ball cat beds – will it be you?

First Prize: A brand new, scary, hairy, cat-eating, rabbit Cat Ball® cat bed!

Second Prize: A washed rabbit Cat Ball cat bed (it was a customer return and was never used)

Third Prize: Some of our awesome catnip mouse toys and a lid to put over opened cans of cat food (or people food).

Winners: We will probably run the contest until Easter Sunday, which is April 16th, depending on how many photo entries we receive. If you guys need more time for the photos edits, we will extend the time. 


Here are some images you can work with. Click on the thumbnails below to get the full-resolution image. If you want an images that hasn't been messed with, send me an email, jennifer@thecatball.com.