Bed for Large Cats - Jumbo Cat Canoe in Ecru Dots - Manor House Collection


Do you have a big cat that doesn't fit in most cat beds? Do you have two cats that will share a bed? Our jumbo size Cat Canoe® is made for these situations. This jumbo size Cat Canoe® was made in a neutral tone on tone print of ecru or tan dots on a grid. This fabric is one of several from the Windham Fabrics Manor House collection, a group of fabrics that were influenced by antique textile designs. We will have more cat beds made with fabrics from this collection later in 2018. 

The jumbo Cat Canoe® is 12" wide at the base, and 20" long, making it about 50% wider and five inches longer than the regular size Cat Canoe®. 

Our cat bed designs are created with thick, flexible high density foam that will give your kitty ultimate comfort. The soft components flex around the cat, cupping her in a warm and comfortable nest. The Cat Canoe® is squishable, washable, and popular with cats and dogs.

  • Made in USA
  • All cotton fabrics
  • Washable
  • Fits large cats & small dogs; this is the bed to get if you have a 20 pound cat
  • More cat bed options with fabrics from the Manor House collection

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The Cat Ball, the right place.

This is my second order which is a Jumbo sized Canoe and my first was the Cat Ball. Both are really good in terms of quality and comfort for my cat Simba and the service they provide is extremely good. That doesn't mean my cat started interacting with the products immediately, but with the catball without even showing him how to use, he started playing with it. With the canoe it took some time for him to get used to it. Once he got used to it, then its like he's a zombie when in the canoe and a crazy hunter when in the catball. Service wise, need to give them full stars to whomsoever [Jennifer, thank you for the service] I had conversation with. During my second order I asked them if the could make the padding little more thicker for the canoe as it's for sleeping purpose, me comparing it with the the thickness of catball padding but it was not the same. Canoe is slightly different in thickness of the padding and also I asked for some flat pads just to keep it in canoe as a blanket and they made for me even though that product is not there in their inventory. When I asked them a to let me know the price so that I can pay them as they made it specially for me, they were so nice enough to offer me that extra padding for free. I did ask for discounts for my main order bcoz the shipping charges are almost equal to the price of the product and so they even offered me the discounts. All these interactions I had with the Cat ball, they were very polite and friendly. Would like to see coming up with more varieties of products for the cat. I would recommend this brand to all who loves their pets.

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