Cat Ball cat bed Art Nouveau Navy Floral Wave a Cat Cave Bed in Cotton Fabric

Cat Ball® cat bed is made here with an Art Nouveau navy blue floral wave pattern. This cat cave bed is made in 100% cotton fabrics is part of a cat bed set. 

The Cat Ball® cat bed is hexagonal with two openings, so your cat can see out of each end. We use a thick, washable foam inside, giving your cat a comfortable place to do whatever it is that they do all day. We use custom bias tape to finish the seams and openings, creating a tailored look.

What does a cat do with the Cat Ball® bed? Some cats hang out and stare at you until they fall asleep. Other cats like to peek out of the two holes and attack your ankles, your other pets, or dangling toys.

Our original, enclosed pet bed design has two openings, one large and one small.
The small opening one is about 6" diameter and the larger one is about 10".
The diameter is 17", the height is about 16".

    • Our cat bed hideaway maintains its shape without any wires or frame
    • This cat bed was made in the USA
    • This Cat Ball® cat bed coordinates with more Art Nouveau inspired fabrics

Your cat will figure it out!®

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