Cat Ball Cat Bed in Skulls and Crossbones Halloween Fabric With Orange Stripes Lining

The Cat Ball® cat bed in skulls and crossbones Halloween fabric has orange stripes lining and is a fun cat bed for black cats, Steampunk cats, and cats who have the spirit of Halloween all day, everyday!

The fun fabrics here are Riley Blake and 100% cotton. The skull and crossbones is slightly grey, the lining is orange and white and the bias tape finish is a creamy ivory.

The Cat Ball® is a cat bed for winter or summer. Our covered cat bed design helps to trap body heat, and is a good spot for cold cats. The Cat Ball® is made with thick foam panels, so your cat has a cushion to lay on. 

This cat bed hideaway is a perfect place for cats and small dogs to nap, and some cats like to hide inside and watch the household activity. Watch out, because they might attack your ankles when you walk by!

Our original, six paneled design has two openings, one large and one small.
The small opening one is about 6" diameter and the larger one is about 10".
The diameter is 17", the height is about 16".

    • Our original six paneled design doesn't have any wires
    • This cat bed was made in USA
    • This Cat Ball® cat bed coordinates with other spooky Halloween fabrics
    • The cat model in these photos is Tink, who weighs 8 pounds. Fits cats to about 19 pounds

Your cat will figure it out!®

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