Cat Ball modern cat bed in black and white knit design


The Cat Ball® cat bed is a modern cat bed design. Our hexagonal cat bed has two openings, one larger than the other. We've used coordinating black and white prints that look like knitted yarns to create this covered cat bed. 

The Cat Ball® cat bed is made with half inch thick padded walls, creating a flexible, warm and cozy cave bed for cats. The seams of the Cat Ball® are finished with a bias tape, creating a charming and appealing look with great finish details. 

What does a cat do with the Cat Ball® bed? Well, the Cat Ball® is a pet bed, and a perfect place to nap! Some cats just hang out and stare at you until they fall asleep. Other cats like to peek out of the two holes and attack your ankles, your other pets, or dangling toys.

    • All cotton fabrics
    • Our original six paneled design does not use wires or a frame
    • Made in USA
    • Two openings, measuring about 6" diameter and about 10"
    • The bed diameter is 17", the height is about 16
    • This bed coordinates with a jumbo size Cat Canoe®, and we are working on a standard size Cat Canoe®, which will be available in Fall 2018

Your cat will figure it out!®

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Austin, TX

My cats figured it out!

The good news is that the slogan is 100% true, my cats DID figure it out. In fact, they discovered that they love the Cat Ball so much that they no longer care to use any of their other beds. Now, one cat will sleep in the Cat Ball while another lies just outside reaching a paw or nose in, just wishing he could be inside. Basically, the bad news is, (since this is such a superior form of cat comfort) I will have to purchase at least two more. I'm ok with this because they're just so high quality.

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