Clown Cat Ball Cat Bed a Funny Pet Bed

Your cat is a clown, and we know it.

Our special edition clown Cat Ball® cat bed may be the perfect guise for your silly cat, and it certainly is a fun photo prop. Come join the circus with us in our new clown Cat Ball® cat bed! We've taken our basic hexagonal Cat Ball® cat bed design with two openings, and added a ruffled clown collar and silly clown shoes. Both the the ruffled collar and clown shoes are attached to the bed. 

Fully washable. Read these directions. 

Listen to our advice, folks. We learned this stuff the hard way!
* You need to use only cold water. 
* Turn it inside out before washing.
* Wash in a laundry bag
* Do not bleach* On your first wash, you may want to add a Shout® Color Catcher sheet to catch potentially bleeding red dye.
* It is best to use a front loading washing machine.
* If you have a top loader, then wash the Cat Ball cat bed alone. Do not put anything else in the wash. Wash on cold, use a short cycle. The reason you wash it alone is that other items in the machine have the potential to force the Cat Ball bed into the agitator, and this can cause tearing.
* If you use a front loader, wash on cold and use a high water extraction spin.
* Tumble dry on low, a hotter setting will shrink fabrics more, so use your discretion.

This Cat Ball® was made at the Cat Ball World Headquarters, Retro's home and hangout spot. 

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