Neutral colors jumbo Cat Canoe bed for giant cats

This jumbo size Cat Canoe® was made in cotton fabrics in neutral colors, and is a good solution if you have an enormous cat and want a very subdued look. 

Our jumbo size  Cat Canoe® was made to accomodate cats (or dogs) that weigh 20 or more pounds. 

The jumbo Cat Canoe® is 12" wide at the base, and 20" long, making it about 50% wider and five inches longer than the regular size Cat Canoe®. 

Our cat bed designs are created with thick, flexible high density foam that will give your kitty ultimate comfort. The soft components flex around the cat, cupping her in a warm and comfortable nest. The Cat Canoe® is squishable, washable, and popular with cats and dogs.

  • Made in USA
  • All cotton fabrics
  • Washable
  • Fits large cats and small dogs. This is the bed to get if you have a 20 pound cat

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