Cat Bed in Pink and White Polka Dots - the Cat Canoe

The Cat Canoe® is a modern cat bed, now made in a pink and white polka dot fabric, and lined with a pink on pink triangle print. These fabrics are 100% cotton. 

The Cat Canoe® is our original design, made with thick foam padding and cotton fabrics. 

Will your pet fit? We have reports of 19 and 20 pound cats enjoying our Cat Canoe® pet bed, and some dogs also like this modern pet bed. 

The soft components flex around the cat, cupping her in a warm and comfortable nest. Cats often rest their chins on the edge, and the flexibility of the materials allow them to curl up, sleep sideways or stretch out. The Cat Canoe® is about 20" long and about 8" wide. 

  • This design was assembled in USA
  • 100% cotton fabrics
  • The polka dot is a Riley Blake fabric
  • Washable
  • Flexible and compressible design
  • Not seaworthy

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