Special Order

We are making woven cotton* face masks to help reduce the inadvertent transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19 disease, per recommendation from the CDC. Our three-layer contour design face masks are reusable, washable, have two different elastic options, and have a filter pocket. These face masks are made in the state of Washington and are ready to ship. 

Cleaning reusable face masks

After you've been wearing a face mask you need to consider it "contaminated" and should be careful of how you remove it, store it, and wash it.

  • Grasp the corner or ear loop to remove and pull away from the face
  • Place the used mask in a "contaminated" storage area until you wash it
  • Wash fabric masks after each use
  • Remove and discard any filtering material before washing
  • Immediately wash hands after removing the mask
  • Wash with soap and water, by hand or in a machine. Hot water may shrink fabric or cause colors to run
  • Wash hands after any time you handle contaminated clothing or masks
  • Our face mask blog post offers more information on washing our face masks and cleaning face masks in general