Teal lace and purple jumbo Cat Canoe for large kitties

Some cats are just big. Really big. You'd probably like to use your couch/bed/dining room table again, so we have created the jumbo Cat Canoe® kitty bed.

Redesigned to be wider, longer and deeper, the jumbo Cat Canoe® is 12" wide at the base, and 20" long, making it about 50% wider and five inches longer than the regular size Cat Canoe®. 

This jumbo Cat Canoe® is made in a pretty teal fabric that looks like lace or doilies, and lined in purple. We have a matching regular size Cat Canoe® in these fabrics and are working on a Cat Ball® cat bed, too. 

Our cat bed designs are created with thick, flexible high density foam that will give your kitty ultimate comfort. The soft components flex around the cat, cupping her in a warm and comfortable nest. The Cat Canoe® is squishable, washable, and popular with cats and dogs.

  • Made in USA
  • All cotton fabrics
  • Washable
  • Fits large cats and small dogs. This is the bed to get if you have a 20 pound cat

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