Blue Whale Cat Ball® cat bed

We have new whales! We are working on photos right now! 

We have redesigned our Cat Ball® cat bed to be a whale! What cat doesn't want to sit inside the belly of a whale while taking a nap? Our shark Cat Ball® cat bed has been such a success that we wanted to create another marine creature for your cat's comfort, so welcome the cetacean!

The Cat Ball® cat bed is a modern cave or pod for your kitty, offering a place to play, hide, sleep, just hang out, or to fantasize about marine life from a safe distance. Our original Cat Ball® design has six panels and two openings, one larger than the other. The fabrics are 100% cotton, and we've added a fringe of baleen.

Will my cat fit?

  • Retro (the Siamese lifeguard in these photo)s is 12" tall at his shoulder and weighs 15 pounds.
  • Larger cats are able to use the Cat Ball® cat bed. 
  • The two openings measure about 6" and 10" in diameter.
  • The bed diameter is 17", the height is about 16".

Whale washing instructions:
- Use a front loading washing machine (contact me for instructions with other machines).
- Turn whale inside out, remove excess cat hair.
- Wash inside a garment bag or pillow case (to help protect the fringe).
- Use cold water.
- Do not ever, ever, bleach whales. Whales do not like beach, and neither does the stuff they are made of.
- Dry on low, leaving it still inside out and inside the bag.
- Whale fins can be carefully ironed, but do not iron the whale body.
- Send us an email if you have additional cleaning questions.

The whale Cat Ball® cat bed is our original design and is made in the USA. 


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