Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Has your cat ignored your new Cat Ball® or Cat Canoe® cat bed? Sometimes this happens. Here we share tips and tricks we have learned from our customers regarding these concerns. 

the CAT BALL cat bed placed on a cat tree
Photo courtesy of Instagram user @greysonboo

Twix using a Cat Ball as he hides in the closet

Twix hiding in the closet inside the Cat Ball®, as described above

Do not allow children to harass the cat while she is using the bed! The Cat Ball® seems to become a place where some cats may feel safe and secure. Imagine that you are so feeling safe and comfortable that your body falls into a deep, relaxed sleep, and then suddenly a toddler comes over and starts grabbing your cave, or beating on the sides. This could be terrifying, and has potential to completely frighten the animal and could create a complete aversion. 

Does your cat sit on your chair when you leave? Your chair may have social significance to a cat (plus – it is warm now!) Put the bed on your chair - and sit on it! You might need to do this several times, and do it at times when your cat is there and paying attention to you. If you are working at your desk and the cat is getting on your desk and asking for attention, this might be a good time to try the switch. Will she sit on top of the flattened Cat Ball® after you leave the chair? Next time, try opening the Cat Ball® back up, restoring the shape. Position the bed on the chair again and leave the room. Will she get into it now?

The CAT BALL cat bedUse the bed as a toy, or as a fort. When your cat is in an active mood (typically morning and evening) and wants to play, use the bed. How? We like to use string or a fish pole toy. We suggest pulling the string slowly through the bed, or getting the cat to chase the string, then pull it through the bed. The cat should be paying attention to the string, and want to catch it so much that the cat is not thinking about where she is going and she will follow the string anywhere. See how the cat is hiding inside the Cat Ball® in this photo? He's using it like a fort, and we are encouraging him to play by dangling this string. 

Another toy idea: Cats like to watch their prey move, and usually watch until the prey disappears behind something, and then they pounce. Use your Cat Ball® cat bed to hide the string. Slowly pull the string so it disappears behind the bed. Is your cat watching? Pay attention to your cat. You may need to adjust a little, just pay attention and see if you can guess the cat's behavior.

We’ve heard from some people that their cat simply does not use our cat bed design, and then eventually the cat suddenly starts using it. Cats can be mysterious.

Try these ideas and see what happens! Let me know what worked for you.

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Infographic to explain why a cat won't use his cat bed