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Most orders in USA ship Priority Mail and should arrive 2-3 days after shipping. If you have ordered two or more Cat Ball® cat beds then we might use UPS or FedEx Ground, and transit time will be around 5-7 days. You will receive tracking information through an automated email. If you prefer UPS over USPS let us know. If you are in Alaska or Hawaii we will ship with USPS. 

We typically ship the Cat Canoe® and face masks via First Class within the US.
    Yes, The Cat Ball certainly ships internationally. How could we deny fur babies outside of the U.S. the truly remarkable comfort of a Cat Ball – we couldn’t! Therefore, kitties worldwide can purr with happiness.
    Cat Canoe® - Canada - $20.19
    Cat Canoe® - World Wide - $35.00
    Cat Ball® - Canada -$20.19
    Cat Ball® - World Wide -$35.00

    • We refund overpaid shipping charges on international shipments.
    • Some countries are now charging 10%-15% import tax, including Australia and New Zealand. If you order from these countries you will most likely be charged the tax. You might want to buy from our Etsy store instead, as Etsy can collect and remit the tax, so your purchasing total will include the import tax. 
    • Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; unfortunately we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. We are unable to reimburse any costs incurred regardless of the circumstances.
    More Details on International Orders
    • We ship via USPS First Class Package, which is the slower, less expensive method. Transit time and Customs clearance can be slow, and you may have to wait 30 days for the package to arrive.
    • Tracking is available in most countries, but not all.
    • In most instances, your tracking number may work at USPS.com and on the destination country postal site, so you may want to try tracking your parcel at both sites.
    • Some countries may charge additional VAT, particularly in Europe. We cannot predict this charge, but you may have to pay it. 
    Our product line is constantly changing to embrace the latest seasons, trends and pop culture, but sometimes people still have reasons that they need a custom bed. If you have a custom request, contact us here: info@thecatball.com


    Our Cat Ball® was designed for kitties up to 18 pounds. We also have designed a mini size Cat Ball®, which we suggest for pets to about 9 pounds, and a jumbo Cat Ball® for long cats, fat cats, and cats wearing e-collars.  Contact us for more info on these non-standard sizes. 

    Our Cat Canoe® This form fitting cat bed is is made in two sizes. 

    The standard Cat Canoe® can fit a kitty that weighs around 18 pounds, but we have seen photos of heavier cats using it. If your Cat Canoe® looks too narrow, try turning the bed inside out. This creates a wider shape, which some cats prefer. This bed measures about 8" wide by 20" long. 
    Our jumbo Cat Canoe® has a wider base (12" wide) and is still 20" long. The sides are higher, offering more privacy. The high sides sometimes have a tendency to fall inwards, which adds to the feeling of privacy. You can also turn the jumbo Cat Canoe® inside out, which will create a very wide "boat" shape.


    Occasionally a cat will not use our cat bed designs. If this happens to you, send us a note and we will share tips and tricks, or visit this page. We will accept returns on unused Cat Ball® cat beds and Cat Canoe® cat beds within 30 days. Please contact us. 


    Unfortunately we can't accept returns on face masks, so we want to answer your questions before you order so we can help you to find the right mask for your needs. If we make a mistake with your order please reseal the mask in the zipper bag we shipped it in and contact us at info@thecatball.com so we can fix the mistake. 


    Face masks can be washed by hand or in a washing machine. We suggest washing face masks with cold water to preserve the fabric color and prevent shrinking. We suggest line dry, flat dry or a low dryer setting to prevent cotton fabrics from shrinking. This blog post offers more details on washing face masks and some helpful suggestions.


    General Hints
    • Remove excess hair before washing. Here's a blog post that shows different hair removal tools we have tried. 
    • It's OK to turn the Cat Ball® cat bed inside out. 
    • Did the cat puke or poop inside? Remove as much as you can and turn the bed inside out. It's usually OK to use a fabric stain pre-treatment product on our fabrics. 
    • Don't bleach it, as this will affect the fabric color and can damage the internal foam. 
    • Use cold water only, as this helps to preserve the colors in cotton fabrics, and will keep fabrics from over shrinking. 
      Top Loading Washing Machine
      If you have a top loader with an agitator you need to follow these instructions:
      • Use cold water.
      • Wash the Cat Ball® cat bed alone. Do not add anything else to this cycle, as additional items (like a heavy towel) can shove the Cat Ball® into the agitator and cause abrasion and tearing. 
        Front Loading Washing Machine
        • Wash with cold water and use high water extraction. It's safe to wash with multiple items when you use one of these machines. 

        Drying the Cat Ball® cat bed

        • Dry on low. The cotton fabrics will tighten up with the first wash (and more so with a hotter dryer), so if they are still loose then use a slightly hotter setting the second time you wash. 

        Wrinkled Cat Ball® cat bed?

        This is easy! Get it wet (we spray with a spray bottle).You only need to dampen the fabric. Now toss it in the dryer on low. 


        A Cat Ball® is the purrfect place for playing and snoozing away. Not only is it fun, but it’s fabulously cozy too. Cats seem to understand it best. They just crawl in, curl up or sprawl out and, if the mood strikes, even launch surprise attacks on their fellow felines.


        Interested in becoming a stockist? We offer the Cat Canoe® and the Cat Ball® cat beds at wholesale prices with low minimum purchase quantities.

        Do you operate a cat sitting business with a retail section? When your customers see Cat Ball® and the Cat Canoe® cat beds being used by your feline guests they will see how great the product is. Our experience is that the beds pretty much sell themselves! We offer a package for cat sitting businesses.

        Are you a cat groomer? Cat grooming businesses have a great opportunity to sell the Cat Ball® cat bed!


        The Cat Ball seen in different media sources