Our jumbo side Cat Canoe® is a modern cat bed, sized for kitties who weigh 18 pounds or more.
USA-made, freakin’ amazing cat beds.

You don’t have to get it.
Your cat will.

Meet the cat bed your cat will love.

Yes, even your cat. You see, the Cat Ball® isn’t just an ordinary cat bed. It’s a six-sided cat cave with 2 openings. Meaning your cat can hide in it, sleep in it, run through it and use it for… whatever the heck it is cats do all day.

Cat parents love the ball!

"Fantastic quality - fabrics were true to the colours in the pics on the website. Big hit with the kitties."

Excellent face masks!

"Excellent mask. I needed something that would go behind my head instead of behind my ears and this worked perfectly."

You gotta see it to believe it

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