About Cat Ball

Our goal at the Cat Ball, LLC is to create high quality cat beds with a distinctive look. 

A lynx point Siamese cat relaxes inside the Cat Ball cat bed

Our original Cat Ball® cat bed is hexagonal and has two openings, one larger than the other.
This photo will help to explain our innovative, dimensional cat bed better:

A cat explores the Cat Ball cat bed made in robin egg blue cotton

See how the Cat Ball® is made with six panels and how it has two openings? Cats seem to like the two openings, and tend to be curious about our modern cat bed design. 

The Cat Ball® cat bed was designed for cats and is styled for people. We make our innovative modern cat furniture in different fabrics, always striving to find high quality prints that will look great in the home. 

The Cat Ball is a modern bed for cats

 Our in-house product testers and catalog models are Retro (left) and Tink (right).

Retro and Tink are the Cat Ball cat bed models

Retro is a long and tall cat, and weighs about 15 pounds (6.8 Kg).
Tink is a tiny cat, weighing under 8 pounds (less than 3.6 Kg).

Jennifer and Chris are the people behind the Cat Ball

Who are the people behind the scenes at the Cat Ball World Headquarters? Jennifer and Chris.

Our modern cat furniture has been featured in Modern Cat Magazine, in Catster magazine, in Oprah Magazine, on MSN Living, on Good Housekeeping, on the Purrington Post, on Daytime TV, and on the Etsy front page. We've been on Animal Planet's TV show, My Cat From Hell with Jackson Galaxy. Our Cat Ball® cat bed is used as an example in the New York Times bestselling book, "Catification: Designing a Happy and Stylish Home for Your Cat (and You!)" by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin.

The CAT BALL has been seen in some of these publications

We've sold the Cat Ball® cat bed on five continents, and have fans from all around the world. Our products have consistently received outstanding reviews.

Our small business is based in the state of Washington and we ship world wide.

Want to see us in person? We attend events throughout the year. Here is our Facebook events page

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About Jennifer

Jennifer Boaro, designer of the Cat Ball cat bed, and Retro, her Siamese lynx point cat modelIn 2009 I was employed as a costume designer and I was hired to design soccer-ball shaped, human-sized, mascot costume for the Seattle Sounders professional soccer team. Like any good Mythbusters fan, I started this project by creating a small scale model of the spherical costume - with a small hole on the top for the mascot's head and a larger hole on the bottom for his legs. I completed the project and the small prototype sat in my workshop for a year or two until it occurred to me that my new kittens might enjoy it. And I was right; they loved it! I began selling the first handmade Cat Ball® cat beds in 2011 on Etsy. Today our product line has expanded to include the Cat Canoe® cat bed, the Jumbo Cat Canoe® and some novelty variations, including our shark Cat Ball® cat bed.