About Us

Here at The Cat Ball, we’ve been delivering awesome-sauce cat beds to frisky and grumpy cats alike since 2011. We freakin’ love cats.

And because we know that cats need people around to open their cans of cat food, in 2020,

Our mission is to provide every kitty a fabulously fun and cozy place to sleep and play, using fabrics and designs that make their humans happy, too.

How, you may ask, did the mastermind behind The Cat Ball® come up with such a genius design? Great question. Jennifer (human #1, below) was working in costume design and was tasked with making a soccer ball mascot costume (just another day…). When she made a prototype, she discovered that her kittens adored it.

Throw in a bit of tinkering and some really late nights, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Humans

Human #1: Jennifer

Hey! I'm Jennifer!

Chief cat lady

Human #2: Chris

Hi there! I'm Chris

Chief Tech & Cat Wrangler

The Cats

As the protoype-testers, focus group members and catalog models, the cats run the show. Except they’re mysteriously missing when there’s hard work to be done. Cats.

Cat #1: Retro

Howdy! I’m Retro. I’m half Siamese and half Angora and my hobbies include: string, sticks, boxes and rabbits. I’m proudly single, so don’t bother to call.

I like my Cat Ball left in a quiet location, and that’s where I make my great plans and get some shut-eye. I’m told I snore loudly, but I think the humans are just jealous of my amazing sleep schedule.

Cat #2: Tink

Hey there! I’m Tink. I have tabby striped legs and a creamy body with dense, yet silky, fur. I show up in all of the photos because… well, I always show up when we go to the photo studio. If you want to make your dreams come true, you gotta show up, that’s what I always say. A lot of people think Retro and I are a thing. We aren’t. I’m accepting Instagram DMs from bad-ass felines skilled in dueling tactics. I’ve been trying to get rid of Retro for ages.

So... who are you?

Nothing makes our world go ‘round like seeing more cat photos. So, do us a favor, and share your darling cat with their Cat Ball® on Instagram or facebook (or both! Really, no such thing as too much sharing!). And you can always drop us a line.

Rock, on, you cat lover, you!

-The Cat Ball Team