Coordinating Cat Bed Sets

This collection of coordinating cat bed sets makes it easy for you to select fabrics that were designed to be used together.
Cat Canoe modern cat bed made in black and white fabric that looks like bricks
Cat Canoe - Modern Cat Bed in Black and White Bricks $ 39.99
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Cat Canoe modern style cat bed made in a pastel blue rainbow print fabric
Cat Canoe - Blue Pastel Rainbow Fabric $ 39.99
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The Cat Ball® cat bed is a comfortable place to sleep. Our original modern cat bed design is made with six foam panels so it is soft and flexible, and it has two openings, one larger than the other. This aqua blue fabric has cute birds and is lined with a coordinating tile print fabric. We make our original, innovative, pet beds designs in the USA in the state of Washington.
Cat Ball Cat Bed Blue Geo Birds $ 59.99
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