Who is The Cat Ball?

Who are the people (and the pets) at The Cat Ball? 

Curious about the Cat Ball World Headquarters? We will try to explain it here, starting with the cats.  

The Pets

Our in-house product testers and catalog models are Retro and Tink.

Retro and Tink are the Cat Ball cat bed models

It can be hard to tell from our photos, but Retro is literally twice the size of Tink. 
Retro and Tink are the models at the Cat Ball World Headquarters
Retro (left) is the larger, darker cat. Tink (right) is smaller and lighter colored. 
Biography of Retro, Siamese cat modelRetro biography, translated into Siamese

Retro is half Siamese and half Angora; he was the result of a cat breeder's accident, and we found him on Craig's List. We aren't sure what his parents looked like. He is described as "lynx point", and was born creamy white with the subtle indications of Siamese points; we watched his coat darken and his interesting pattern emerge as he matured. 
His blue eyes are crossed, a cute feature that started to emerge when he was around 10 weeks old. He has a short, smooth, shiny coat and is a big, strong, athletic cat who hides under the bed if anyone comes over. He speaks fluent Siamese and is particularly talkative after 11:00 p.m. Retro's hobbies are: string; sticks; boxes and rabbits. He likes to find a Cat Ball left in a quiet location, and we can often find him there, sleeping with a random leg hanging out. Retro snores loudly. 
WEIGHT: 15 pounds (6.8 Kg)
SEX: male
EYES: blue and crossed
COLOR: lynx point
HEAD: large and empty
BIRTHDATE: April 17, 2012
Tink is a cat model for The Cat Ball, LLCTink has tabby striped legs and a creamy body with dense, yet silky, fur. For the most part she looks like a lynx point, but some of her markings look like torbie point. More of our photos feature Tink because she always shows up when we go to the photo studio. Tink was found wandering the streets of Everett, Washington, local animal control took her in and transferred this wee lass to Purrfect Pals. We saw a post about her on Facebook and drove up to Woodinville to meet her at a Pet Smart store. This was in December 2015, and she was thought to be 4-5 years old. We think that Tink's cross eyes have affected her vision. The pupils have an unusual shape, and she also walks with a head tilt, and typically looks at things in her environment with this same head tilt. We wonder if she's doing this to somehow compensate. When she moved in, the only toy she would play with was the laser pointer, but she could only track it over a flat plane. It took a long time before we could get her to follow the red dot up a vertical surface. The laser continues to be her favorite, but over time we've been able to get her to understand other cat toys. 
WEIGHT: 7.5 pounds (3.4 Kg)
SEX: female
EYES: blue and weird looking
COLOR: lynx point with torbie toes
HEAD: small and tilted
BIRTHDATE: unknown


The People

There are two people behind the scenes, Jennifer and Chris. Somebody's gotta open those cans of cat food.   

Jennifer and Chris are the people who make the Cat Ball happen

Jennifer has a degree in apparel design and pattern making, and in 2009 she was working as a costume designer when she was asked to make soccer ball mascot costumes for a sports team. Because she was unfamiliar with the materials she proposed to use, she started by creating a miniature:

Jennifer created the Cat Ball cat bed while working as a costume designer

Jennifer was right: her kittens enjoyed the costume prototype she had created. She began to experiment with options for adding fabric and finishing details and created the Cat Ball® cat bed, which she started selling on Etsy in 2011. 

In 2012, Chris joined the Cat Ball team, adding technology skills, a bigger business perspective, and an unexpected aptitude in cat wrangling. Chris would also like you to know that "the shark Cat Ball® was my idea."

Chris at the Cat Ball World Headquarters

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