Great White Shark Cat Ball Cat Bed


Watch your kitty get eaten alive by the most fascinating predator in your living room: a Great White Shark! This special edition Cat Ball® cat bed has been cleverly recreated to be a ferocious cat-eating shark. Made with the same thick, compressible and cozy materials as the Cat Ball® cat bed, this shark also features the sharp teeth and strange, creepy eyes of a Great White Shark. 

The Cat Ball cat bed is a modern cat bed with a great cat approval rating. Our customers often report that the cat spends hours inside, just staring out at the world. What are they doing? We fear that they may be planning world domination. 

Most cats will fit inside the Cat Ball®, and frequently parts of the cat will dangle enticingly from an opening. 

The hexagonal Cat Ball® cat bed design has two openings, the small one is about 6" diameter and the larger one is about 10".

The bed diameter is about 17", the height is about 16".

  • All cotton fabrics
  • Fins can be ironed
  • Our unique Cat Ball® cat bed design is flexible and made without any internal wires
Shark Washing Instructions:

- We strongly recommend using a front loading washing machine (or a machine that does not have an agitator).
- Turn shark inside out, remove excess hair (turning inside out will help to protect the eyes and fins).
- Use cold water.
- Do not ever, ever, bleach sharks. Sharks do not like bleach
- If your machine has an agitator, wash the shark alone. All alone.
- Dry the shark on low, leaving it still inside out.
- Shark fins can be carefully ironed, but do not ever iron the shark body.


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Yuna C.
United States United States

Kitty LOVES it!

Once I put it out of the package my cat hopped in immediately. She’s been going in and out, sleeping in it and even taking her toys in there so I wouldn’t take her “prey” away from her. Such a well designed, good quality cat bed. I love it!

Yuna C. verified customer review of Great White Shark Cat Ball Cat BedYuna C. verified customer review of Great White Shark Cat Ball Cat Bed
United States United States

Too cute!

My cats were very curious about their new shark ball right away...the boys were first to go into the ball, but the girls went in shortly after the boys...I’m thinking they wanted the boys to test out the water first. I think the design is creative and I like how there are two openings. I love the shark and happened to purchase it during Shark Week so it was fitting. I was also interested in the horse ball and the watermelon canoe. I’ll likely purchase another one so the cats don’t have to share (I have two boys and two girls). Overall, I’m pretty happy with it and I hope it holds up well given the price. I’ve never seen anything like it and think it’s too cute!

Anonymous verified customer review of Great White Shark Cat Ball Cat BedAnonymous verified customer review of Great White Shark Cat Ball Cat Bed
Jane E.
United States United States

He loves it!

We purchased the Shark Cat Ball as a welcome gift for our newly rescued cat. Not only does he love it, but it makes for many fun photo opps. It's just so silly seeing a cat in a shark's jaws - we can't get enough. Fast shipping and great customer service.

Jane E. verified customer review of Great White Shark Cat Ball Cat Bed
Nicole T.
Canada Canada

My cat loves this!

Would highly recommend it for any small/medium sized pets, they love snuggling inside this, it’s durable and can take the rough play.

Sweden Sweden

A place for sleep, play and hide

My cat loves the cat ball bed. One cat, three cat ball beds and one canoe...... I find her sleeping blissfully in it, I use it during playtime to get her really exhausted, and she uses it for a good place to store her toys. Sometimes I even find a really tasty raw-meat-bone in it. Not that nice.......

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