How to Wash Your Cat Ball® or Cat Canoe®

  • Remove excess hair before washing. A lint roller works well.
  • It's OK to turn the Cat Ball® cat bed inside out.
  • Don't bleach it, as this will affect the fabric color.

Top Loading Washing Machine

If you have a top loader with an agitator you need to follow these instructions:

  • Use cold water.

  • Wash the Cat Ball® cat bed alone. Do not add anything else to this cycle, as additional items (like a heavy towel) can shove the Cat Ball into the agitator and cause abrasion and tearing. (We have learned that it is OK to wash multiple Cat Balls, though).

Front Loading Washing Machine

  • Wash with cold water and use high water extraction.

Drying the Cat Ball® cat bed

  • Dry on low. The fabrics will tighten up with the first wash (and more so with a hotter dryer), so if they are still loose then use a slightly hotter setting the next time you wash. We still recommend cold water.

 Wrinkled Cat Ball® cat bed?

  • This is easy! Get it wet (we spray with a spray bottle). You only need to dampen the outside. Now put it in the dryer!
  • You can also steam it with a steamer.