New Jumbo Cat Canoe Design

Years ago, we started making a jumbo size Cat Canoe® modern cat bed after receiving requests from people who have cats weighing 20 pounds or more. I decided to remake the design this year, resulting in a bed that is more open and with great potential for fun fabric combinations. Let's have a look at the dimensions and compare Tink, a six pound cat to Retro, a 17 pound cat.

Dimensions of our newly designed jumbo size Cat Canoe® modern cat bed

Our original jumbo Cat Canoe® pattern also had a base measurement of about 12 inches and tapered to a point at the tips. This new version is wider at the two ends, creating a more exaggerated "flat bottom taco" shape. A lot of cats like to rest their chins and feet on the edges of a Cat Canoe® and I think this new shape will still allow for that. 

Compare a large cat and a small cat in our newly designed jumbo size Cat Canoe® cat bed

We look forward to seeing your photos of your cats, kittens, nursing mamma cats, and small dogs using this new design, but until then, here's another photo of 17 pound Retro demonstrating the bed.

A 17 pound cat demonstrating the size of our newly redesigned jumbo size Cat Canoe® modern cat bed.

We've cut fabrics to make 13 different colorways of this new design, and will be listing them in our store as they are available. Go to our Jumbo Size Cat Bed collection  to see the available fabrics. 

A note about the bed in these photos: this bed was a manufacturing prototype and used the last of the pink cupcake fabric. We do have standard size Cat Canoe® beds available in this adorable pink cupcake fabric

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